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You’ve got to have your sources…

April 14, 2014

Today we were talking about how often our furniture and art changes over.  We either want a new look or just need something to meet a need.  With how often we like to change things out, it is important that we don’t break the bank every time.  On the other hand, it is important to every now and again get a piece of furniture or art that is a statement and an investment.

That’s where having good sources comes into play.  Just today, we found ourselves out looking around for a new dining set that would fit just right into the new house we will be moving into next month.  Now, some people will just head on over to Ikea, Crate and Barrel etc.  There is a time and place for that.  But I often find myself heading to vintage shops and second hand stores to find a classic piece that needs a new home.

Here are a few of my favorites.


1) Keens Furniture Loft.

Check out their facebook page for frequent updates and new items that just came into the store.  Run by such friendly people!



2) Columbus Architectural Salvage

Wonderful for bigger pieces and classic finds.  Don’t forget to call up your friend with the pickup truck.  You just may go home with a new marble fireplace saved from demolition.



3) The Boomerang Room

Mid Century and classics more your speed?  You need to get to the Boomerang Room.  And while you are there check out the record selection as well.


4) ReStore

Run by Habitat for Humanity, you never know if you will find a new dining room set or an entire collection of kitchen cabinets.  Renovation anyone?? And you will be supporting the wonderful work of Habitat in Central Ohio.


Good luck! I hope you find that perfect piece that you just need to take home! Shop local.  It will make you feel good too.

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