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I have a really hard time throwing my kid’s artwork in the trash…

April 21, 2014

So I have a confession to make.  I hate to throw my kids artwork in the trash but I also hate piles of stuff sitting around.  It really is a paradox isn’t it?  I want to keep all that artwork, scribbled letters, finger paintings, and coloring book pages –  but I have really been struggling to organize it all.  And I like my house to look a certain way (i.e. not overrun with kids crafts)

We have been slowly corralling it all and let me share some of the ways I have discovered to preserve it and also manage my organizing OCD.

1) Gallery Frames – So I don’t think this idea is all that original. Companies have been selling these for years. But they have been around so long because they work!  For a kid that only does art from time to time I think this would be a good solution.  These frames store 50 sheets before they have to be emptied.  Atleast that gives you a little time before you need to decide what to do with all that paper.

Look how happy everyone can be when artwork is organized

Look how happy everyone can be when artwork is organized

2) Have a book printed. – So this one really impressed me.  I love the idea of sending all those paintings and collages away for someone else to handle.  In return I can get a gorgeous coffee table book.  These books can include up to 300 works of your kid’s art.  I could save it all year in a banker’s box and have a holiday present made.  I think I am in love!

Send it all away and let someone else handle it. Now we're talking!

Send it all away and let someone else handle it. Now we’re talking!

3) Put it in the cloud.  So here is a really fun idea.  Imagine signing up for an online account just to upload pictures of your kid’s artwork so they can enjoy it in the future.  Add a new flickr account to your smartphone, computer, other device that can connect to the world wide interwebs.  Everytime your budding little artist completes another work of art snap a picture and upload.  Then you can throw away the art work without (too much) guilty.  It will be preserved in digital form in perpetuity.


Bring a sense of peace and order back to your home.  Win the battle against kid’s artwork without the guilt.

Paint on little Picasso!!



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