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Outdoor Rugs in the Dining Room

April 25, 2014

Yesterday, I thought of a brilliant solution for an admittedly first world problem. My dining room rug is in rough shape because of my 3 year old, but I’m hesitant to spend any money at all on a new one, since, you know, the three year old isn’t going anywhere any time soon. That’s where my brilliant solution comes in; put an indoor/outdoor rug under the dining room table! They’re inexpensive, impermeable, and if you have a serious spill, they can just be hosed off!  I thought I was such a genius! Then I discovered that many other people have already had this exact idea, so I felt slightly less chuffed.

Now, before you picture eating over Astroturf and cringe, check out some of the newer outdoor rugs on the market. They’re getting very nice. Here are a few I’d consider.

This hand tufted, Moroccan-inspired ombre rug from Pier 1 hits just the right note between elegant and modern.  5’x8′ $269.95

I love this patterned woven rug from World Market, and at under $75, it’s a serious steal. 4’x6′ for $69.99

This tonal herringbone mat is a grown-up take on the ubiquitous chevron pattern. 5’x8′ for $85

I like the ikat look of this Crate and Barrel rug. 5’x8′ for $199

The colors in this super saturated rug just about did me in. Aren’t they great? The price is pretty great, too. 4’x6′ for $48

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