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Thinking of Buying a Home with Your Girlfriend?

May 19, 2014

Fifty years ago, the vast majority of couples who purchased a home did so after they were married. With the average “marrying age” creeping well into the 30s, many people are ready to commit to a mortgage way before they’re ready to commit to another person. If a couple wants to purchase a home together without tying the knot first, there are a few special considerations to think about before taking the leap.

First, be prepared to have a frank conversation about money and finances with your partner. Nobody enjoys talking about this, but both parties need to know what they’re dealing with in terms of credit scores, savings, and income. Also be aware that deciding on a home can be a loaded subject, bringing up all sorts of things you may not have been ready to discuss (*cough*BABIES*cough*). Unmarried couples also should tighten up their wills, to insure that the property will be passed on to the other partner, should one of them die.

Learn more in this article from, and happy house hunting!

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