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Bring Fresh Air in With a Bio-Wall

May 20, 2014

It’s been so nice to throw open the windows this spring and let some fresh air in. In the midwest, there are precious few months when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold to open the windows. The rest of the year, most folks do their best to seal up their homes and keep heated or cooled air inside. One side effect of an air tight home is stale air, which is just circulated around and around, sort of like an air plane. As we continue to weatherize our homes to conserve energy, a solution to this stale, contaminated, air is being developed. Scientists at Purdue University have been researching a new appliance that would utilize the power of plants to filter and freshen the air in our homes.

The Bio Wall is a refrigerator-sized box that houses stacks of green plants. Air is slowly moved through the box and the plants clean airborne toxins from the air. Basically, it’s an air filter that generates oxygen, eats up gross stuff in the air, and never needs to be cleaned or thrown out. Pretty neat! At the moment, models are able to clean about 15% of toxins from the air, but they’re improving all the time. Maybe the Bio Wall will be standard with homes of the future!


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