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Indoor Bike Storage

May 22, 2014

My husband is a reluctant cyclist. He likes to ride his bike to and from work, but in the commotion of our harried morning routine, it’s easy to find an excuse to drive. One thing that we quickly learned is key to using the bike is accessibility. We don’t have a garage, so this means that we have a bike in our living room all the time. A bike seems so slim and sporty…until it’s sitting in front of the bookshelf you’re trying to get into. Then it is huge and terrible and makes you curse. In order to keep the peace at our house, we needed a handy way to store the bike that was easy to use, even for someone who is sweaty and tired from a commute. After looking at a bunch of options, we chose this hook/wheel thing, which keeps the bike up off the floor and against a wall. We’ve been living with it for a few years now, and we both really like it.

Here are some of the other options we considered, but ruled out for various reasons (mostly price haha).

These bike shelves are pretty easy to find nowadays, and I love them–they solve the problem simply, and provide a spot for your keys and wallet. This one is pricey at $149, but there are other cheaper ones out there.

If you’ve got two bikes, these upright racks are pretty great. I just wish they looked a little nicer. Oh well, at $47, the price is right anyway.

If you’ve got high ceilings, a pulley system is pretty neat. This one is $41 on Amazon.

It’s hard to find a nice looking option for bike storage, but this is pretty lovely. It’s solid oak, has an itty bitty footprint, and can store two bikes. At $115, it’s a bit expensive, but if it’s going in your living room, you might not want to look at a big black monstrosity of a bike rack all the time.


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