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5 Water Features You Can Make This Week

June 10, 2014

June is the perfect month to spend time on the front porch, or the deck, grilling, sipping a summery drink, and enjoying the best part of summer. The sound of bubbling, splashing water can add to your relaxation. No need to buy one of those pre-made fountains, though. You can make one yourself for much less money, and it will match your personal taste perfectly! Here are 5 simple and beautiful fountains to try.

This is probably my favorite type of fountain. No pools of water to stagnate and attract mosquitoes, understated, and modern. Find out how to make it yourself at Better Homes & Gardens.

This table top version gives you all the ambience of gurgling water, with a tiny little footprint. Perfect for a balcony or indoors. Get the tutorial at Today’s Creative Blog.

This stack of river rocks is super zen. Get detailed instructions from This Old House.

Make a water garden without having to dig a pond! I love this one–so pretty! From Apartment Therapy.

For a more ambitious DIY-er, this disappearing fountain is really neat. Check out the how-to at Instructables. 

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