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Homesnap App

June 20, 2014

The Internet has definitely changed the way that buyers and Realtors interact. In the old days, a realtor had to pour over a huge book with tiny, black and white photos of listings in the area in order to find properties to show their clients. With only one grainy picture per listing, choosing properties was a gamble. Now, clients can view current listings with dozens of photos and lots of info, and they can easily communicate with their realtor via texts and emails.

I think the next big change coming to real estate will be incorporating more social media. More and more real estate apps and sites allow users to connect to their Facebook friends so they can share their house hunt.


Home Snap is a new that estimates home values (a great way to get an idea of home prices in various neighborhoods–not a replacement for an actual appraisal or advice from a realtor), and provides info about homes on the market with just a snapshot of a the home. The app uses location services to find where you are, and the photo to figure out which house you’re looking at. From there, you can save a property to your favorites list, recommend it to a friend, share it with someone else (including your realtor), or leave a comment/review for others to see. Pretty neat!

Give it a try here.

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