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Columbus Among TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Best Cities to Start a Career

June 25, 2014

Even though the job market is improving, recent college grads are facing tougher times than graduates in past decades. More and more Millenials are relocating to find work, or just to live in a more appealing area. TIME Magazine recently ranked 10 cities as the best for recent college grads just starting a new career, and Columbus, Ohio was among them.

For folks who live here, that is no surprise. Even during the recession, Columbus was not hit quite so hard as the rest of the country, and we’ve always enjoyed a relatively strong job market. Couple that with low living costs (the average rent here for a 1 bedroom apartment is $732, while the average income for a person with a bachelor’s degree is around $44,000), and a 20-something will have plenty of expendable income to put toward their new, more mature pursuits, like sampling craft beers, or visiting the Art Museum. Plus, of course I’m partial, but Columbus is a gem of a city. So if you just graduated, visit us and see what it’s like!


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