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2 Steps to Improve Your Move

June 30, 2014

Oh man. Moving is so terrible. I have experienced both ends of the moving spectrum–the “what’s the big deal?” move, where I was fresh out of college, hardly owned anything, and only moved a few miles, and the “what fresh hell is this?” move, where I moved to a significantly smaller home in a different state with a 3 year old in tow. I don’t have a whole lot of moving tips to give, but I do have one important piece of advice for those facing a daunting move:

Organize your stuff before you pack. Downsize, streamline, and deep clean. Clean out closets and get rid of stuff you don’t need–even of you’re not losing square footage in the move. Once you get to your new home, you will not have the energy to sort through your stuff, and both packing and unpacking will be infinitely easier if you don’t have random items in the wrong spot/box.

If you need some strategies to sort through your things, check out this Real Simple article, which can help you decide what to keep, and what to donate.

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