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Find a Swimming Hole Near You!

July 2, 2014

It’s getting hot, and since my grand plans to dig my own swimming pool are not working out the way I thought they would, I have had to find some alternate ways to take a dip. For those like me, who are just looking for a free place to swim, and for others who aren’t crazy about the chemical-laden water of public pools, why not check out your local natural lakes, springs, creeks, and waterfalls to cool off. can help you find a place to swim near you. This would be especially handy if you’re hauling your kids on a road trip. Think how happy your family would be if you took an hour or two rest stop at a lake on the way to your destination, and let everyone out to play in the water and get some energy out. I’m planning a little road trip down to Washington DC in August, and I think I may use this site as a way to not go crazy when stuck in a car with a 3 year old for hours on end.

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