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Rebuilding Ohio Central Ohio Tool Library

July 11, 2014

Although our home was not really a ‘fixer-upper’, like most new homeowners, we had a lot of projects lined up when we first moved in. All these little projects required expensive tools that we would have had to buy ourselves, but do I really need an angle grinder for the rest of my life, when I really only need it for this one project and probably never again? Luckily, my dad owns lots of tools, and is very generous with lending them out to us, but for those who don’t have an awesomely handy parent or friend, there aren’t a lot of options. 

We recently discovered something sort of revolutionary, though. The Central Ohio Tool Library operates the same way a regular library works; membership is free, and you can check out tools as you need them. Their tool collection is extensive, including everything from push brooms and paint rollers to air compressors and a table saw. Items that use gasoline do require a nominal fee. 

This resource is invaluable and awesome and I’m so thrilled to have found it! You could basically build an entire home with these free tools. Awesome! Check it out here and apply for a free membership!

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