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How to Collect and Reuse Tap Water

July 14, 2014

Water is expensive, and with good reason. Most developed areas in the US enjoy crystal clear, drinkable water, which pours from every faucet in our homes. Even though we work so hard to clean our water enough to be potable, what percentage of that water do we actually drink? Not much. Of the 90 gallons that the average American household uses per day, only 2 gallons is used for drinking and cooking. The rest of our perfectly drinkable water is used to flush toilets, fill bathtubs, wash dishes, and water lawns. Do we really need to use drinking water to water the garden?

Modern Farmer ran an article last week outlining all the ways you can reuse water that would normally just wash down the drain. From easy things like using a bucket to collect the cold shower water that runs while you wait for the hot water to flow, to more advanced ideas like getting a rain barrel installed, there are lots of ways to save your water and reuse it to water your lawn and garden. 

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