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How to Hang Posters without Damaging Walls

July 29, 2014

This post is sponsored by Century 21 Excellence Realty. They’d love to help you buy or sell a home in Central Ohio–even if the walls in your kid’s room is full of nail holes! 🙂

I just ran across such a genius idea that I wanted to share with all you parents of fickle teenagers/new college students out there. You know how kids are, one year there into My Little Ponies, the next, they want to hang up a giant New Directions poster, and finally, an obscure band that you’re too old to understand or enjoy. So, how to hang all those posters without putting all sorts of nail holes in the wall? Here’s the method, using things you’ve probably already got laying around the house!

1. Put painters tape on the wall where you the edges of your poster will be. 

2. Run a line of hot glue on the tape.

3. Press your poster right onto the tape. When it’s time to remove it, the tape comes off the wall without damaging your drywall or paint job. Perfect!

I found this idea and image on What Happens in First Grade, a teacher’s blog, but this idea could work in so many situations! Give it a try!

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