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Would You Paint Your Lawn Green?

August 4, 2014

This post is sponsored by Century 21 Excellence Realty located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. We’d be happy to help your buy or sell a home in Central Ohio–even if the lawn needs a fresh coat of green paint!!

Luckily, here in the Midwest, we’ve had plenty of rain this summer.  PLENTY. However, folks on the west coast haven’t fared nearly as well and have been dealing with a devastating drought for the past few months. When there’s a water shortage, one of the first things to go is often watering lawns and landscaping. Nobody wants a parched, brown lawn, though, so some have decided to fake it till the rain comes back. Not with artificial grass, but with green paint! Companies that specialize in spray-painting lawns are receiving more and more calls in California, and we’re not talking Crayola green paint, here, either, but sophisticated colors that match existing grass and look very natural. 

So, would you get your lawn painted green? I’d imagine that folks who are planning to sell their home would want a nice, lush, green lawn in their home’s exterior photos. Otherwise, I think I’d just deal with brown grass!

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