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$1,200 Tiny House

August 18, 2014

I daydream about tiny houses a lot, but I’m not sure if I could actually hack it in real life. I look around at my 792 sq ft home, pretty small by US standards, and think, could I really give up three or four hundred square feet? Maybe if I lived in a more temperate climate, I’d be able to make it work, but I’m pretty sure that spending a long Ohio winter packed into 400 sq ft, with my husband and child is a recipe for madness. 

But a tiny house getaway? That could be pretty great. And with technology allowing more folks to work from home, there is increased interest in small, free-standing home offices. Well, for less money than many decks and patios, you could have a teeny-tiny house complete with two day beds and a kitchenette built in your yard. This 80 sq ft A-frame, dubbed the “Relax Shack” by its designer Derek Diedricksen, can even be expanded with a neat little porch to add 30 more sq ft, plus some ventilation. This would be such a cool little getaway, and it only costs $1,200 to make! 

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