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August 21, 2014

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Image from Vanity Fair

If anybody in this world had a handle on kitchen organization, I think it was Julia Child. Her famous kitchen setup can be viewed intact at the Smithsonian, and they’ve got a great interactive online tour as well. I love that everything is out in the open and within easy reach. No searching through dark lower cabinets, no rummaging through messy cutlery drawers. Every pot, pan, knife, and utensil had its place clearly marked on powder blue pegboard, which covered every vertical surface in her large kitchen. 

When we moved into a home with a small kitchen, I immediately thought of Julia’s pegboard as a way to store the things we couldn’t fit in our tiny space. I worried that it would look cluttered, but I had to do something, and I’d already pared down my cooking gear to what is, for me, the bare essentials. So we screwed some pegboard into the wall, topped it with a shelf for big pots and my few remaining cookbooks (I got rid of many), and for less than $50, we have the perfect storage solution.

photo (11)

It’s so easy to keep organized, and I love being able to reach everything easily, without having to create tall stacks of pots, pans and lids. One day, when I live in my dream house with a huge kitchen, I may still use a pegboard because it is so practical. If you need additional storage in your kitchen, and you’re on a tight budget, I highly recommend some pegboard. Give it a try!

Thanks, Julia!

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