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Can I Borrow a Cup of Sugar?

August 26, 2014

The strangest thing happened last night! A kid from across the street came over to ask if he could borrow our bathroom scale. Apparently, he was going on a trip and needed to weigh his suitcase to make sure he wouldn’t be charged extra. We’d never met him, or his parents until then, so we were surprised at such a strange request, but we lent it out, and it was returned within an hour. 

Of course, it brought to mind all the lovely borrowing that neighbors can do: ingredients, tools, expertise, all are fair game if you’ve got a decent relationship and are willing to give back as well as borrow. Now things can be even clearer between neighbors, with little stickers that advertise what you’re willing to lend out. 

The stickers are available in Switzerland, but you can order them in the states as well. Find them here. Via Springwise

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