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DIY Chimney Maintenance

September 22, 2014

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Autumn officially begins tomorrow, and for once, the weather is in line with the calendar and, in Central Ohio, anyway, we’re seeing the first leaves change and some cooler temperatures, too. In a few weeks, I suspect we’ll be making good use of our old fireplace, so now is the time to do some maintenance to keep your chimney in good repair for the long seasons ahead.

Besides getting your chimney swept periodically, you should also keep an eye on its crown and bricks. Sealing these and adding a chimney cap to keep out rain and animals costs around $1,000 if you hire a professional, whereas you can spend a day doing it yourself and spend just a few hundred bucks for supplies. If your roofline isn’t too steep and you can reach the top of your chimney while standing on the roof, you can totally DIY this project! Handyman magazine has the simple instructions up, which basically amounts to spreading sealant into any cracks, spraying the bricks with water repellent, and screwing in the chimney cap. I think I’m going to gather my supplies this week and tackle this project next weekend. You should, too!

Image from Handyman

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