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Animal Babies!!

September 29, 2014

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Is Monday getting you down? Me too.  Let’s look at some of the baby animals that have been born at the Columbus Zoo and the Wilds this summer.

Hello, little baby dama gazelle! This little guy was born just last weekend. Look at that teensy little smile! Dama Gazelles are critically endangered, so his birth is great news!

Hey there, little bonobo baby. This little lady or fella, we don’t know which yet, was also born last weekend. So sweet!

These little red pandas are just ridiculously adorable. Two males and a female were born in June at the Columbus Zoo. Triplets! That means that I can steal one, and nobody will notice right? KIDDING.

A baby Indian rhino! This little sweetie was born in the Wilds in August, and, oh man, I just didn’t know a rhino could be so cute!

Now, let’s greet our Monday with a smile!

Photos and Info from Columbus Underground

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