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Open House Etiquette for Buyers

September 30, 2014

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Even though we’re no longer in the market for a new house, my husband is so tempted by open house signs on the weekends. I think he just likes to know what’s out there, and what the price points are in different areas of the city. We probably won’t be in our current home forever, so it’s nice to get a feel for our local market, so that we’ll be ready when the time comes to move again.

We always have the same discussion when he wants to go to an open house. I have always thought that it would be rude/inconsiderate of us to go to one when we know we’re not in the market for a new house. My husband thinks it’s fine, and that it is good for the seller and the realtor to have a bunch of people walking through the home and giving feedback. Well, according to, he’s right. While the primary function of an open house is find a buyer, they also give prospective buyers and realtors chances to network, and they do provide realtors (and in turn sellers) valuable feedback about the house For example, if a few visitors mention a mildewy tub or a stained carpet to the realtor, he or she can then alert the seller to the issue, and hopefully sell the house more quickly.

Other etiquette rules mentioned on include not rifling through sellers stuff–if a door is closed, ask the realtor before opening it, and filling out the sign in sheet, even if you do leave off a phone number. Check out the full article here on 

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