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October 3, 2014

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives, that it’s hard to imagine a time before it. It seems like networks are starting to fracture out, though. Between, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ello, Snapchat, and the thousands of other options out there, folks are starting to tailor their online socialization to their specific lives and needs. Well, here’s an even more personal network: your building. For those of us who live in large condo or apartment buildings, getting to know the people who share the building with us can really improve daily life. A new network called MyCoop can connect people who live in the same building to make it easier to discuss things like maintenance, new rules, crime, events, and other issues that may arise. Its founder, Alex Norman, even envisions buildings banding together to create child care and pet/house sitting cooperatives.

I think this could be so great, but it could backfire and become a forum for passive aggressive notes about noise levels, or that one person who left his bike in the hall. So far, most of the networked buildings are in New York, but if it catches on, I’m sure it will make it to Columbus sooner or later!

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