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Use the Next Door App to Meet Your Neighbors

October 20, 2014

trick or treat map

Whenever I take my daughter to a playground, I marvel at how simple it is for children to make friends. They just start playing together, and the next thing you know, they’re holding hands and skipping around, like they’ve known each other for years! If only it were that easy for adults to meet new people. It’s hard to get to know the people in your neighborhood. I stumbled across Next Door the other day, and while only about 120 of my neighbors are on it, I think it’s a great idea that can help communities get a little more personal.

Next door is a lot like Facebook, except that your friend group is made up of people who live in your neighborhood, and your news feed is full of little local tidbits, things like block watch issues, new playgrounds or shops opening, classes and services available, and lost (and found!) pets. It’s really neat! And for Halloween, there is a special map feature that shows which houses are handing out candy and/or hosting haunted houses! So fun! I really love the whole philosophy of this little app–you should give it a try!

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