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DIY Natural Air Fresheners

November 17, 2014

One of the most overlooked aspects of preparing a home for the market is dealing with odors. Unfortunately, a smelly home is a huge turn off to buyers, and can easily cost you the sale of your home, so it’s worth dealing with! Of course, you can’t have a fresh loaf of bread baking every time a showing is scheduled, but it’s relatively easy to freshen up your home before the house hunters show up.

As tempting as it is to light a candle, spray some air freshener, and call it a day, those heavy, artificial odors can cause issues with sensitive buyers (think things like asthma and allergies), but there are lots of natural, hypoallergenic ways to clear the air. Century 21’s blog recently ran a list of DIY air fresheners that can all be mixed up with essential oils, which are safer and subtler than manufactured scents. Last year, Wall Street Journal ran a story about a study that suggests that simple scents are best if you’re trying to sell a home. For example, instead of a pumpkin spice spray, which is blend of many different smells like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, etc, go for a single, easily identifiable scent, like orange or grapefruit. Citrus essential oils are relatively inexpensive, and just a few drops can fill a whole house with a lovely natural scent.

Give some of these recipes a try!

Image: Eden’s Garden Grapefruit Essential Oil, 6.20

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