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What to Do with Your Christmas Tree

December 29, 2014

Well hello there! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and were able to spend good quality time with your family and friends last week. We had a lovely Christmas, practically perfect in every way!

As soon as Christmas is over, I get a strong urge to take down all the decorations. What seemed so festive a few days ago just starts to feel oppressive and cluttered to me after the 25th. I have a personal superstition that it’s bad luck to go into the new year with your Christmas tree still up, so I make a point to take it all down on New Year’s Eve so that I can start fresh the next day. This year, I’ll have to keep it up a while longer since my in-laws aren’t coming into town till the 1st to celebrate a belated Christmas with us, and they like a little ambience (wish me luck that my tree will live that long–it’s fading fast!!), but I’ll be itching to get rid of it. Many cities and towns in the US have Christmas tree recycling programs, and they grind the trees they collect into mulch, which they either use for their own landscaping needs, or sell to the public in the spring.

The City of Columbus, where I live, recently reminded us via our local paper that Christmas trees are picked up on the same day as our yard waste, so if you’re here, just drag your cleaned off tree (no tinsel, lights or decorations) to the curb and they’ll throw it in with the leaves and grass clippings. If you want to ensure that your tree is recycled into mulch, you can take it to a mulch manufacturer, and there are several to choose from in Central Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch lists four, and most offer Christmas tree recycling as a free service. Check them out here.

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