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Scent Theories: Smells that Sell

February 18, 2015

We’ve talked a lot about using scents to enhance your properties when they’re on the market, but a the Daily Mail recently reported that it’s not exactly a one smell fits all situation out there. The traditional thinking is that baking cookies appeals to everyone, which is totally true, but the homey, comfortable scent of freshly baked treats doesn’t really make sense when you’re trying to sell a newly built or vacant home. That smell can clash with the environment.

Researchers found that for older, more traditional homes, baked goods or coffee still work the best, while for new-builds, the best option was fig and white tea, of all things. These scents actually sold more properties than odorless ones. Here are some candle options for those of you who’d like to give it a try!

For older or traditional homes:

Fresh Baked Bread Candle, $27

Bath and Body Works Espresso Bar Candle, $24

For newer homes:

Paddywax Apothecary Chammomile & Fig candle, $20

White Tea Scented Candle by Westin, $36

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