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Don’t House Hunt Hungry!

February 24, 2015


While searching for the perfect home, you will likely find yourself meeting your realtor to tour homes during your lunch break or right after work. If you’re house hunting during mealtimes, it’s a good idea to bring along a snack, because according to recent research, hungry people are willing to spend significantly more money on things than their satisfied peers. We all know we shouldn’t shop for food while hungry, but Dr. Allison Jing Xu at the University of Minnesota ran several studies to find out whether hunger can make people spend more on non-food items. The results are in, and in some cases, participants were willing to spend up to 60% more money when they were hungry!

If you have a tight budget for your new home, keep this study in mind, and don’t let your stomach do the talking at the negotiation table!

Read the full article here

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