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3 Tips for Taking the Best Photos of Your Home

March 23, 2015

Now that most buyers do at least part of their real estate search on sites like, Zillow, and Trulia, the photos that you post are more important than ever. Dark, blurry photos will not do your house justice, and will most likely add weeks (if not months) to your sale. So, what gets a buyer to ask their realtor to show them your house? Try these three tips!

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers McMahon Architects+Studio

1. Declutter and clean ruthlessly and stage. Homes with some furniture sell better than vacant ones, but your knick-knacks will detract from your house. Now is the time to purge or pack all those unnecessaries. Every horizontal surface should be cleared, and the vertical ones (walls and refrigerator) should be sparsely decorated. After you’ve gotten rid of the small stuff, evaluate your furniture. The goal is to show each room’s purpose with as few furniture items as possible.

Craftsman Exterior by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts

2. Let the Sunshine in! Don’t photograph your home on an overcast day! Wait for a clear, sunny day and your home will look so much better. Open the shades, turn on every light and make sure your house looks bright and airy for your pictures. It will look cleaner and bigger than if it’s full of dark shadows.

Beach Style Living Room by Milwaukee Photographers Ryan Hainey Photography LLC.

3. Try to Show the Layout. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve looked at that are just a series of square rooms that don’t make any sense. Is that the master bathroom, or the hall one? Is this a bedroom or a living room? If your living rooms connects to your dining room, take the picture at an angle that shows it. If there’s a bathroom off of a bedroom, show that in a picture. Being able to see how rooms connect in the photos will make it so much easier for the buyers to envision the house.

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

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