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Acoustic iPhone Speakers

December 6, 2012

David and I are technology nuts. In fact, we watch every Apple Keynote Speech together (so romantic, I know), and I’ve actually become a bit emotional during one or two (I was pregnant, OKAY?) (and that FaceTime commercial was really touching!). So, our house is full of tech and gadgets, and, sadly, all the ugly chargers and power cords that accompany them. Yuck.

Over the summer, we were listening to a lot of music out on the front porch and needed a little speaker to amplify our puny iPhone one. I started looking around and came across several acoustic speakers that don’t require a cord OR batteries. They use…I don’t know, science? Physics? Who cares! They are good looking, truly cordless, and green, since they don’t use any power. Check out a few examples below and pick one up to blast carols on Christmas morning.

Image from

Ampli-Phone from Amazon $39.99

Image from Amazon

eForCity Silicon Horn Stand Speaker from Amazon $3.02

Image from Amazon

Sonastand Portable Acoustic Stand from Amazon $25

Image from Etsy seller IndexDrums

DOCK Box from Etsy seller IndexDrums $40.00

Image from Etsy seller IowaFineWoodwork

iPhone Mini Gramaphone from Etsy seller IowaFineWoodwork $75

Image from Etsy seller ReAcoustic

Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock from Etsy seller ReAcoustic $362

Image from Etsy seller iRecline

iPhone 5 Stand with Acoustic Enhancement from Etsy seller iRecline $39.00

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